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Sacred Healing Photography


Since I was a child photography has been an art that I have held close to my heart. For me ,photography has always been an escape from reality. I loved the way you can take a picture of something so simple and if it is composed in just the right way, it can be a complete work of art. Or how photography can offer people the chance to see how others see them. So often we get stuck in our own neurosis about ourselves that we can’t see the strength and beauty we hold. This is where the concept of Sacred Healing Photography came to me. For many women who are struggling with healing their sacred womb, there is a real lack of self love and acceptance. It’s hard to feel beautiful, wild, and sexy when you are fighting the demons of your lower chakras. Photography is a tool that can help break through the barriers and showcase the true beauty and strength within.

When I work with women the goal is to let the darker or hidden side of themselves shine through. When they are able to let go even just for a little while and really embrace all that they are in a photo shoot, amazing healing can take place. Each time I work with someone the healing goal is in mind. For some women they may want to bare all and be 100% vulnerable for others, they may want to transform themselves and do a fantasy shoot that allows them to be the person they have always wanted to be. Regardless of the shoot, major healing is taking place. So over be on the look out for the new business model that is coming through. I am excited and ready to share this unique healing method with you!



You Got to Cut It!



In todays post over at Elan Vital 365 Days of Self Care I shared one of my favorite self care tips, to date. It’s so good, that I wanted to make sure all of my readers got it. Here is the tip I shared. Enjoy!

Day #10

Time needed- 15 minutes

Material: Social Media Cuts

You Gotta Cut It! 

Social media has become such a normal part of our life these days. It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have social media, although I assure you we did have those days, and for those of us who are old enough to remember them, we often think of those times as the good old days. A time when we didn’t have to see what everyone was doing every waking moment of the day. A time when we didn’t have to feel bad about ourselves because everyone else seems to have their life so “together” or at least it seems that way on social media. We also didn’t feel this crazy obligation to stay “friends” with someone who we didn’t care for or who made us feel bad about ourselves. . Before social media if we didn’t like a person, we just avoided spending time with them. We didn’t have to look at their post every day and see everything that was going on in their life. In todays modern age, social media has a way of becoming unhealthy for us. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of looking at people that aren’t good for us. A big part of having better self care, is associating with people that are going to lift you up. This includes social media. Your task for today, is to start making cuts to your social media. Go through your friend list and start deleting the people that don’t add value to your life. If you are worried about people being offended, you could always take them off your feed, but I promise to delete them will feel much better. This exercise is a small step in helping you become more conscious about who you are spending time with. Your time on this earth is short. It is way too short to spend it associating with people that don’t add value to your life. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is CUT IT!



The root chakra is the base of the foundation of our energetic body. This chakra sits at the base of our spine at the coccyx and in our genital organs. The state of this chakra sets the tone for the rest of the chakras. For those wishing to increase their feminine power or heal the womb space, this is the first chakra that must be addressed. Connecting with our Yoni requires that we have a strong connection with this chakra and that the flow of energy in this chakra is open. One of the easiest exercises to help increase energy in this area is to connect to mother earth. As you connect with mother earth, allow her to take on all your troubles and pain. She will gladly take them from you and turn them into something beautiful.

Root Healing Exercise

With your feet planted firmly on the ground, imagine you have tree roots going into the earth and they are grounding you and connecting you to the earth. Allow anything that is no longer serving you to go into the earth. Once you have given the mother earth all that no longer serves you. Ask mother earth to fill you with her energy. Pull this energy from the ground through your legs, up to your root chakra. Allow this energy to fill your root chakra with a bright and brilliant red light. When you are finished, thank mother earth for her time and energy. This is an exercise that I do daily! As you focus on clearing out the root and filling it with the new vibrant energy it will start to heal this area and will allow you to move on to deeper healing practices.


Light & Love



Photo: Unknown 

Moon Cycle Awareness


Moon Cycle Awareness 

The idea of healing the womb space and increasing ones sacred feminine energy can feel like an overwhelming task to many. I know when I first start my own healing journey, I felt like I would be broken forever. The truth of the matter is, this journey is a long one. But it’s just that, a journey. It’s not the final destination that we are trying to get to, rather, the goal is healing and becoming connected to our own body in the process. I don’t know that my journey will ever be complete and I’m not sure I ever want it to be. If you approach this journey as one step at a time, you will start to see small differences. The steps you take don’t have to be huge steps. If you are afraid to start with Yoni massage or steams, that’s ok. There are lots of other techniques that work beautifully to start the healing process. As you start to heal and clear out the area you will naturally start to feel more curious and drawn to other techniques.

One of the first tasks I give my clients when I work with them is to start creating a moon cycle journal. Start working with a tracking app like the “flo”. This app allows you to track your whole cycle from menstruation to ovulation. Why is it important to track your cycle? You cycle gives you tons information about what is going on in your body. Just speaking from an energetic standpoint, you can start to work with your energy patterns. For example, when you are menstruating you have lower energy levels. This would be a time to relax and do more meditation and energy work with the womb space. Oh, just a little side note, your menstrual cycle is when you are most likely to get visions and higher conscious information.  This is also a great time to focus on clearing out stagnant energy in the womb space. I normally recommend womb clearing mediations to all of my clients during this time period. In the contrast, when you are ovulating, you are full of energy and this is a good time to do abdominal massage or foam rolling techniques in the womb space area and in the hip area. Once your cycle has ended you are going to feel a burst of energy and you are going to be ready to carry out all those ideas you got while you were menstruating, just be careful because this is the time of the month you will be irresistible .

Tracking your cycle also gives you the ability to see how you are lining up with the lunar cycles. Are you bleeding with the full moon or new moon? This can give you a lot of information as well and allows you to start working in harmony with the lunar energy. The act of tracking your cycle also makes you connect and check in with your body. As you start to become aware of your cycle you can start to work with this energy instead of against it. This is one of the first steps for connecting to your sacred feminine energy.

If you are ready to connect or maybe you have already started this journey I highly recommend tracking your cycle and keeping a journal. You will be amazed at the knowledge you will receive about yourself.


Light & Love





I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!
I have this vision for 2017 that I want to share with you. When I think of 2017, I think of feminine power rising. I see this year as an opportunity for women to step back into their personal power. We have spent a great deal of time being marginalized and have had our feminine power stripped from us. Well I say no more! Part of regaining our feminine power and helping it to grow, is taking better care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. When we are in proper health we are better able to build this power and stand up for ourselves. This is why I have created 365 days of self care. I want to help women start taking better care of themselves, so they can be powerful beyond measure.
A big part of regaining our feminine power is learning how to surround ourselves with people that are going to lift us up. This means we have to stop spending time with people who are going to bringing us down. So here is my challenge to each and every one of you. Make 2017 YOUR Year! Make this the year you say NO to energy vampires. Say NO, to that friend that only takes from you and never lifts you up. Say NO, to work people who are only taking from you and never giving back. Say NO, to the relationship that is no longer making you feel good. Life is too short to give away your power. YOU deserve to be powerful and the very best version of yourself .I promise you that this year I am going to be here giving you tools and cheering you on, but you have to make this commitment to yourself. Make 2017 YOUR Year, and let that feminine energy rise.
Make sure to follow the 365 day plan everyday so you won’t miss out on any of the latest self care tips.
Light & Love

New Years Mini Sessions



I am brining back the New Years Mini Sessions! This was really popular last year!

With New Year right around the corner, now is a good time to get a little extra help with setting your goals and making changes in the new year. Take advantage of my January mini session special. What you will get with a mini session:

  • 1 affirmation written for you personally
  • 1 suggested video meditation to help you focus on your goals
  • 3 tarot cards that will focus on your goals for 2017
  • A detailed email with my recommendations for achieving your goals in 2017

When you sign up for the session you will be emailed a questionnaire with questions pertaining to your goals and vision for 2017.I will review your goals and pull your tarot cards. After I have pulled your tarot cards I will create your personal message for 2017 and email that along with your meditation and affirmation.

Mini Sessions are $55

If you would like to purchase a mini session send me an email to and I will send you paypal instructions.


Love & Light




latasha dark.jpg

Hello my loves,

I feel called to dark about darkness today. It seems that a lot of people are struggling with the darkness. I myself have had moments that the darkness seems to be too much. The end of fall has been always hard for me. I feel like each leaf that falls from the tree is a little piece of myself that is also dying. This death is something we need so we can plan out seeds and grow again, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. As we shed the old and go into this next phase of darkness I want to remind everyone of the gift this time brings. This is our time to go within and decide what we want to change. I know a lot of people hate the winter because of the cold and lack of sunlight, but I like to look at this time as a gift. It forces us to stop and go within. It allows us the time to really work with our feminine energy and all that she is. This feminine energy is what breeds creativity and strength. It’s time for us to repair and plant. Start doing all of the work so we can have beautiful full gardens next year. If you find that you are being weighed down and going to far into the dark place. Reach out for help! This is the time to call upon your guides, ancestors, angels, mentors, friends, family, and community. It might also be a good time to start working with a guide if you feel like you need a little extra help. If you need the extra help of a guide, I would like to extend an invitation to you to help. You can find more about my services on my services tab. As we move forward remember there has to be darkness to have light



Full Moon in Taurus



We are in full swing with the Full Moon in Taurus and i’m sure you are feeling it. This weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracey Hrebik who is a gifted astrologer. She shared her take on this moon and how we can work in conjunction with it’s energy. You can find the link to this audio below. Also you can find more info on working with the full moon over at The School of Witchery where Tracy and I both work as writers.

Enjoy and Happy Full Moon Blessings


Yoni Steam


In the last few months I have really felt like I need to spend more time dedicating myself to educating people on the benefits of getting in touch with their Yoni/vagina. I opened up my etsy store in an effort to start giving women tools to help them get in touch with their own Yoni. I have started to become much more vocal by doing interviews and posting on social media because I feel this is important information that needs to get out there. So many women are suffering from female issues such as severe PMS, endometriosis depression, anxiety, and tons of other issues and these can all be linked back to the Yoni. The society that we live in doesn’t want us talking about our Yoni much less celebrating it and this has lead to a lot of closed off Yoni’s and Yoni’s that have been neglected. The Yoni holds all of our emotions and our intuition. Knowing this, it’s really not surprising that we are now seeing women with not just emotional problems, low self esteem, but also physical problems. It’s time we started taking back this sacred area of our body and opening it up.

Yoni steam is just the tip of the ice burg with all of this but it’s a great way to start and it has so many beautiful benefits. To include;

  • balances hormones
  • works as aphrodisiac
  • helps with PMS
  • regulates moon cycles
  • helps with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis
  • assist in healing vaginal tears and cuts after child birth
  • aids in healing hemorrhoids
  • helps detox the womb
  • releases stored up emotions
  • helps open the root and sacral chakra
  • aid in balancing flora of vagina
  • relaxes the mind
  • deepens the connection with ones body
  • aids in opening the root and sacral chakra

How does one steam?

The easiest way is with a Yoni stool. This is a stool specially made for steaming. It has a cut out so the steam can reach the Yoni easier. You can find one on my Etsy store if you want a point of reference for Yoni Stool. If you don’t have a stool you can use several yoga blocks or cushions to prop up your back side. You want to create enough space so you can place of bowl of steam herbs under your Yoni.  You will want to use herbs that are specifically designed to aid in healing the Yoni. You can find these at my Yoni Steam Herbs at my Etsy store as well. These are herbs specifically blended to help aid in healing and opening up the Yoni. Once you have the herbs you will place them in a bowl with hot water to create a tea. You will then prop yourself up or use a stool and cover your lower half of the body and allow the steam to work it’s magic. You will allow the Yoni to steam 15-20 minutes. It is recommended that you lay down and rest after you are finished so you can reap the full benefits.

This simple practice of steaming the Yoni will help you reconnect with your Yoni and deepen your connection with your body. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


Light and Love



disclaimer: please note that this blog is for educational purposes only and should not replace doctors advice or consulting with a physician.